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Re: Money for headshave in Bangalore
— by Vasu Vasu
Hello Priya..
We will cut ur hair to different styles like bob, mushroom cut, boycut, then finally will completely shave ur head. We will do video recording, but wont be shared to public forum. If u r interested below r the steps to be followed.

1- send email to
2- we will do video call either in hangouts to make sure you r legit person or not (because there r lot of people with fake names and there r guys who try to act like women)
Note: without video call confirmation, the plan wont be taken forward. Hope u understand.
3- we will discuss about the money for ur shave
4 - will decide on the date wen to do the shave
All these things will be carried either in email or whatsapp communication. If u r from other city than Bangalore, we will tKe care of ur travel and accommodation expenses to Bangalore.
If you r ok wth these, contact me.