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Girl from gujarat -Fetish complete...takli
— by Sneha Sneha
first of all let me tell you guys the story about how my headshave fetish was a weekend and my boyfriend i spent an amazing evening we went to restraunt called '1920' and it was the most perfect date and then we went back to his flat he has this amazing flat in an area called satellite and then we engaged in some activities and we are all adults here so i am going to spare you guys the steaming,lip crunching details ;) but after that we were just lying in bed and he was running his fingers through my hair looking in my eyes dreamily and then he suddenly got up but i had the strangest realisation that he had this habit of playing with my hair while holding them like a ponytail and that always turned me on so much i didnt know why but this time i realised we were just in bed and when he was playing with my hair i got so turned on again i dont know why.and then suddenly he got up and went in his bathroom and the started trimming his beard saying he had an project submission tomorrow....i heard the buzzing sound i didnt know he was trimming because i was still finding my clothes because it was dark.

As soon as i was done with wearing my lingerie i went to investigate the buzzing sound coming from the bathroom and then as soon as i reached there i noticed he trimming and he saw me to out of the corner of my eyes and smirked he does that everytime when he catches me looking at him and he looks so sexy. Then suddenly he stopped trimming turned towards and said in a very deep and terrifying voice "KNEEL BEFORE ME" i dont know what took over but i played along and sat down in front of him and then he ran his fingers through my hair and made high ponytail like right in the middle of it and i was just kneeling there frozen in front him i dont know what was feeling but i just remember kneeling in front of him in my lingerie and him holding my hair in a ponytail with the trimmer in his hand 'I was so much turned on by it this is EMBARRASSING but i have to say it i was 'DRIPPING WET' and then he tightened his grip around my ponytail and started bringing the trimmer near my head and then placed it on my forehead the blades were vibrating and i couldnt control it anymore and screamed in Gujarati 'mane takli kari nakh' meaning 'Mujhe ganji kar de' and 'Shave me bald'. and then he started smirking again and lifted me in his arms and said "aww you are so cute,why would i do that you" at that moment i remember thinking 'OH MYYYY GODDDDDD' he didnt know how much i wanted ittttttt i was dripping wet for that, i was having dreams about it....and then he spoke again breaking the silence "Babe chal put your hands up" and then he made me wear his hoodie because i still in my lingerie and the he said "you look so flustered ill bring you a glass of water" i was thinking yes i look so flustered because i am turned on by the stupid joke that you played.

This incident made me realize i was turned on by the thoughts of having my head shaved. After a couple of days i decided to tell him my fetish and that's when i posted for the first time on this site and i told you guys that i was planning to shave my head after his exams got over and  guess what his exams got over on the 4th december and he shaved my head today and i had to post it here.....because i promised.

So here's the pre-TAKLI look 

and here the TAKLI picture