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this story is from internet.......

From my childhood onwards i was very  traditional,  and my family is also very  strict and  hair styling & make-ups are completely avoided. So like my mother hairs my hair  is also very thick  & lengthy  up to my buttocks & like my father is it very smooth & straight. Whenever functions r parties will cum i used trim my hair at ends only for good looking at my friend's home and i always used to wave r  plait my hair.  Since it is very long and thick i used to face lots of problems like lice, hair fall & dandruff. But I never  cut  r trim my hair an inch. When i asked  my mother to cut my hair she  scold me like anything and she used to tell ' after u r marriage if u r husband accepts u cut u r hair & here it's  not possible '. In my school college & relatives all used to praise my hair & am only the person to have such a long length hair also  i feel  very proud of that.

Long Loose Hair
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After my degree  we went tirumala for god darshan and i got surprised to see lot of ladies with clean shave. when we went to kalyanakatta my father shaved  his hair, me & ma just gave three scissors of hair. There i watched for time shaving of womens hair with razor completely  & i got lot of fear after watching and   I asked my mother why they're shaving,  she told me  that after fulfilling their vow  they will donate their hair to god. That was the first time watching the head shaving of ladies.

So after that with in a year  my marrige got fixed and happened & i happily went to my mother in laws(MIL) house. My mil(mother in law) & fil(Father in law) are friendly with me and my husband loves me very much.

  After one year i was blessed with boy and during pregnancy time i suffered a lot of  health issues so I prayed to god for safe delivery and i took vow to donate my hair for safe delivery.
After 1 year  we have planned for hair tonsure of my son at that time  i decided  to shave my hair for fulfilling the vow. But I was not happened due my husband's brothers marriage. So i just skipped it because i can't present myself  with  bald head in the function. After that marriage we didn't  planned to temple for 2 years  due to some circumstances. So all three years i didn't cut off my hair and it has crosses  my buttocks.

One day my husband met with an accident but he survived with small injuries.  Soon after that my son was hospitalized with ill health.  So With this all consequences i thought that due my negligence of my vow. I decided that to fulfill my vow immediately. So i told my husband to plan for temple visit immediately.  He booked the tickets for all family members. The day before the journey when we discussing the plan tonsure topic  all male has decided to shave & mil also.  Then i revealed my vow And all got surprised to hear and husband  accepted only sil(sister in law) was left.

Next day we have started our journey & reached in the morning. By 11 clock  we occupied the rooms and took 1 hr rest then my husband told us to get ready for tonsure program.  
We all started looking each other,  my heart beat got increased & got tensed. On the way my sil told that she also wants to shave.

We went main kalyanakatta there it was full rush It took 1 hr to get Inside the gall all gents got separated  and we went to lady barber.There it was huge  rush One barber is having around 10 people and that to all r ladies only.  We all  went  to one barber she was busy with her work. She noticed us and asked,  we told  all shave. It took around half-hour to complete that line by that time I started watching shaving of long hair.

At Last our term has come and mil went and sat down where she is having mid back length hair. She started shaving hair within no time head was shaved smoothly. Then i asked my sil to go she refused but I didn't opened my hair and she opened her hair so Barber also told to her come first and i started opening my hair and i watered fully with the help of mil. It was little bit difficult to water since it is very long only scalp got watered. By that she also  completed with smiling face she turned off her head.

Now it's time for my turn,  all my body got cold shivering, tensed just i sat on floor she removed the shaved hair on floor and hold my head and took all hair in one hand and she told this is  the first time i am shaving such a long hair. she poured two to three mugs of  water on my head to make all hair wet.at first she thoughtto two part but hair hair was thick so she decided to shave the open hair itself. with the help of fingers she opened  all hair through my head then i can't see anything since full hair surrounded me.

I decided to each and every moment of shave i turned my head  smiled to sil at last. she put fingers on my head and asked me come front and bent slightly down . she watered the razor and poured some water on my forehead again. Slowly she moved razor on forehead some sound lso that i feel cool breezes suddenly slowly coolness increases and i feel that i  forehead shaved. all the back hair falling down & again she some water and shaved all back hair all back hair falling down fastly.. So all back side hair was shaven she turned my head left started shaving front side hair while she shaves all hair got loosen  and falling down  on ground i just touched fallen hair suddenly tears has came. she completed upper left and started shaving sides and ear edges.  All  hair bangs started falling on ground i  collected few hair strands. Now sides also completed and turned to right and same processes repeated ….. By the end all my beautiful  thick  black hair surrounded me, some hair on ground, on my body, on my thighs . she again bent me and given final touch...Then me & barber collected all hair fallen on my thighs and on back  and kept on floor and said thank to barber. she complimented me for such a beautiful hair and told  don't worry u will get it quickly.  I just smiled and went off see my hair for last time and said bye bye to my hair.

My husband got shocked looking at me and he touched my head for first time then i also touched it was smooth like anything went to room and had a fresh bath and we all decided not to wear any caps until we reach our home.